Lucubration*Sun, 4 May 2008
                  I could lucubrate largely de omni scibili,
                               but paper happily runs s[...]
BombuliophobiaTue, 4 Sep 2007
     There is a kind of gentle, absolute kith* that  kithes†
an  issue without preventing it; and that the Hellenes[...]
Punging TimeSat, 1 Sep 2007
     2:56 pungeth* sore† (and 1:28); but less so 5:12, 10:24
or 20:48.  Why?

  * < L. pungere, whence "[...]
Sapphic EcstasyFri, 10 Aug 2007
     Sapphic  ecstasy  is an infantile complex in a two-fold

     ·    Passively, self-examinationless narci[...]
ProjectionSat, 4 Aug 2007
     Wives enlist bairns as the mute advocates of their pro-
jection; as barren ones, cats.

     In  fact,  wife’s[...]
Angst of BairnFri, 3 Aug 2007
     The angst of bairn* consists, from born-ship on, in the
expulsion of digested milk; it  is  a  thing,  namely,[...]
RiddleFri, 3 Aug 2007
     My  unweanèd bairn* learnt me this riddle: Who shirketh
nought from vomit and feces, and yet is no sexual devia[...]
Temporality*Fri, 13 Jul 2007
     The twain temporalities are flex-time and vaginal time;
where the one is sachbezogen,† negateth the other.[...]
LanguageMon, 9 Jul 2007
                            [W]ords are grown so false, I am
                            loath to prove reason with[...]
RiceSun, 8 Jul 2007
     For  die Vornehmen,* rice† is practically unbounded; in
fact, they would rather cook more than stew  with  ress[...]